Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!  This week hasn't really been all that special... just another week in the office and working here in Nkanfoa.  This last week, in our District Meeting, we talked about loving our companions.  I can definitely see that it is very important, because if you can't teach with the spirit of unity, nothing you do will be as effective as it could have been... when we have that unity, we are able to truly help those that we are teaching.  It was a sweet instruction.  Then just we just went out and proselyted a bit.  Things kind of changed a bit when Elder Merrill came but I guess that is okay because we just have to work together.  This last Saturday was sweet though.... we were able just to teach a little bit but we were also able to serve the people here... we were able to wash one the member's mother's (who is not a member) clothes for here.  Then we also helped a member start to make corn dough from the cobs of corn.  I feel that just service is a wonderful way to show the people that you truly do care and it make you feel good as well.  Some of the best times are when serve the people around you.  So then yesterday, the assistants had us come and help them set up a new spreadsheet for the numbers for this upcoming year... I guess people say that I know how to get around a computer.
So... something I have looked at this week is that sometimes we are required to do things that we simply don't want to do.  Sometimes life is hard, and you don't want to push through, but if you want to benefit from the time that you have at hand, then you need to do it with a glad heart.  Not just do it, but do it because you know that it will make you a better person.  When we do something, especially missionary work, we must do it with all our heart, might, mind and strength.  We need to have all four attributes to successful benefit and achieve the best possible results.  You don't want to do something half good or good enough.  We should do it the best we can and then we will receive the most benefit from it that we can... we are here to improve ourselves and to grow spiritually and physically.  So lets do it.
I love you all so much for everything!  You all are the best!
Elder Walston

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