Monday, December 1, 2014

December again...

Hey everyone!!  This has been an interesting week.  Tuesday was a day of saying goodbye to our members and investigators in Kojokrom.  One of the members, the Agbo's, prepared us the absolute best fufu with light soup.  And CAT!  It was really really nice... they make the best fufu that I have ever had.  But yeah.  Saying goodbye is hard but when you pick me up Mom and Dad, we have to go there!  But then on Wednesday I came here to Green Hill to meet my new companion, Elder Barlow from Las Vegas.  He is a cool guy.  He is the 7th of 15 kids in his family... big family.  He has been out just over a year.  He spent his first year in Serra Leon though so he doesn't know Fante very well, but I am excited to be with him.  The branch here in Green Hill seems to be very on top of things which is very nice.  The missionary work here has been very good this last year. The members are sweet.  I am excited.  Yesterday I was pretty sick, but luckily I woke up this morning feeling much better.  We went to church in the morning but I wasn't able to do anything else.  Luckily Sister Stevenson was able to get me on some meds.  But yep... just good 'ole life here in Ghana.  Oh yeah... my companion spoiled us with a nice Thanksgiving dinner.  He made us fried chicken, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and corn.  It was really good.  He is sweet.  We are in the apartment with two other elders, Elder Darlington from Nigeria and Elder Chishinji from Zambia.  They are sweet people.  We have been enjoying together.  But since both of them are new to the area and I am new, all four of us went out to see the area together on Wednesday.  It was good.  Sorry if this email is a little scrabled but that is how my thoughts have been the past few days.  But I love you all.  Stay strong and look to Christ in all that you do!  Love you!!!
Elder Walston

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