Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another week has come and gone

Hey everyone!  How is everything going?  Hope that everything is great!  Things here in Kojokrom are going well.  It has been a hard time finding people at home, but we have been truly blessed this week.  We have been working with a few people that have a great desire to learn and are very interested in the Gospel.  We are planning to have a baptism for Sarah this Sunday.  I am excited for her.  She is someone that we have been working with for quite awhile.  She had two sisters in the church and has been coming for awhile now.  It will be a very good experience for her.
But yeah... not much really happened this week too out of normal.  Just kept on pushing forward.  We had a funeral and a wedding in our area that made everyone not available... funerals and weddings are the biggest events here in Ghana... even if you only knew the person just a little bit you go.  And they spend so much money on them and the place music that you can hear halfway across town.  But it is all good.  Just a part of the Ghanaian culture here.
This last little bit I started reading the Book of Mormon more.  For a little bit I had stopped and just been reading the New Testament among other things.  It is interesting how significant of an impact just reading the Book of Mormon has made.  I feel as though it has helped me feel the Spirit more and helped me become more in tune to listen to the Spirit.  Reading the scriptures is so important and I know that it is the way to be guided by God in our lives.  As we read, we can find answers to our questions and even if that does not happen, it invites us to be more spiritually in tune to receive an answer.  The gospel is a wonderful thing.
Well, I love you all!  I hope that you you all have a wonderful week!
With Love and Care,
Elder Walston

*I, Kristi, apologize for some of the pictures that Trevor sent us...but he sent them, so I am posting them.

I really enjoyed the pizza stuff you [Mom] sent :)

Jollof rice we made with a member.


It gets cold in Ghana...

My shoe broke :(  This was after the second time wearing it :(

Roasting the pig.

A member made this picture from wood and a sautering iron... pretty cool.

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