Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Sweet Week

Hey everyone!  I hope that you are all doing wonderful!  This last week has been good and busy.  It started off somehow slow, but it picked up along the week.  This week we were supposed to have a baptism for one of our investigators, Sarah, but the water was not flowing so we could not fill the font.  But it has been pretty good.  We have been blessed as we have been finding our investigators just leaving, getting ready to go somewhere but we have been able to see them and been able to teach them.  It has been really sweet.  It was nice.
We were also able to learn how to make kenke and helped one of our members make some for an activity this past Saturday.  It was the All Africa Service Project.  I believe that the church across all of Africa gets together in their congregations and does service for the community.  So all of Kojokrom, Nketsiakrom, Eshiem, and one of the Mpinstin wards came together and cleaned up the market here in Kojokrom.  I was one who got to get in the gutters and clean then  out which was filled with nasty sewage like dirt about two feet deep... it was a lot of work... the hardest work that I have done since I was back home but it was a ton of fun.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It was cool to see all the members come together and be able to help the community.  We were able to show the community how much we actually care for the welfare of everyone around us.  I enjoyed it a ton.  And then we had some amazing banku and okra stew.  Then I found out that afternoon that my companion is leaving me. :(  He is being called as a Zone Leader to go serve in Praso and since there are ten elders who are leaving two weeks before the transfer, he is going to fill one of the spots.  But that means I won't really have a companion for the next two weeks so instead I will be with the Zone Leaders here in Kojokrom for the next two weeks covering both areas.  My third threesome so far... it will be fun but interesting.
I Have been thinking about endurance a lot lately and I read a talk by Elder Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy.  He gives the analogy of having to train for basketball.  That we have to be able to train to gain and build that endurance.  I think that something necessary is to train ourselves spiritually.  We must read our scriptures, pray, go to church, and do those things that will help us be in tune with the Spirit.  That is what we must do so that we will be able to endure through our live so that we will be able to meet God at that final judgement and be worthy to enter into his kingdom becasue we endured throughout our lives.  It is an important principle.  Doesn't mean we are perfect, but continually trying to improve and become better.
Well,  I love you all and I hope that your week goes well!
With Love,
Elder Walston

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